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We bring you SharePoint 2016 in both Hosted Server and Dedicated Server versions at the lowest prices you can find anywhere. And we back it up with totally free end user support – available 24 x 7 to you on phone, live chat and email. Come to us for SharePoint 2016 that was purpose-built for hybrid cloud with SharePoint Online, on-premises integration, and much more.

Apps4Rent has years of experience in offering hosted modes of SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013. We have the widest range of hosted, dedicated, semi-dedicated, farm, and FBA versions: no other Cloud vendor provides as many choices of ready-to-use SharePoint hosting solutions. Be it in price, support, versions, or hosting options, you will find that you are getting the maximum out of SharePoint only with us.




SharePoint 2016 Enterprise Site
SharePoint Server 2016, which provides SharePoint customers a foundation for modern, intelligent intranets and content collaboration. SharePoint Server 2016 delivers foundational improvements that enhance the quality of your on-premises SharePoint solutions and enable you to take advantage of innovations

SharePoint Server 2016 delivers significant value in three areas:

1. Cloud-inspired infrastructure. SharePoint Server 2016 represents a new generation of SharePoint that accrues our experience running SharePoint at scale in Office 365 and brings our investments in SharePoint to your datacenter to improve performance, reliability, manageability and scale. SharePoint 2016 Server, enables a standardized set of APIs that span on-premises, enabling customers and partners to innovate more easily than ever.


2. Compliance and reporting. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is non-negotiable, and overexposure to information can have legal and compliance implications. SharePoint Server 2016 provides a broad array of features and capabilities designed to make certain that sensitive information remains protected with investments in DLP, new scenarios to enable data encryption and compliance tools that span on-premises servers and Office 365 while providing a balance between enabling user self-service and ensuring content usage adheres to corporate policy.


3. Enhanced user experiences. SharePoint Server 2016 brings innovations in user experience from Office 365 to your on-premises farm, with improvements to document libraries and navigation constructs that are consistent with Office 365. These updates have proven successful in driving adoption in Office 365 and will now benefit SharePoint Server. And for hybrid customers, there will be a seamless user experience that spans from the datacenter to the cloud. We’ve also improved mobile access and the touch-based experience in team sites.